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Lares was founded 20 years ago, when Angeles Téllez García opened her decoration store in Palma de Mallorca.
Her ample experience in interior design and remodeling proyects enables a optimal and exclusive use of the space.
Because of that, the LARES team accomplished numerous works of interior design and complete remodeling in residences, public and professional buildings.
Their work begins after a detailed study of the job to be performed, and a through preparation of the proyect, always whith estetics and funcionality in mind. The practical aspects receive priority consideration, but naturally the importance of cozyness and comfort and the harmony of lighting, are the guidelines as well.
LARES consist os a group of highly qualified professionals.The participating teams of electricians, carpenters or blacksmiths are part of the excelent "know-how" of this interior decoration firm.
Lares visits the major national and international furniture and decoration fairs like Madrid, Valencia, Milano, Frankfurt or Paris.